Breathe—the big Japanese earthquake.
呼吸—東日本大震災. 2011. H20/W300/D200
Location : Shouji museum, Japan. 庄司美術館.

My inspiration came from the society after great Japan Earthquake 2011.  Red oval is a image of distorted sun and sun is a symbol of Japanese national flag.
The red oval is a warning about the politics and environment of the planet.


Fade – out

Fade – in

We are sitting on a warped red circle.
歪んだ赤い丸の上に座っている私達. 2014. H300/W1200/D200
写真コラボレーション:望月 瞳
Photography collaboration : Hitomi Mochizuki 
Location : Shizuoka Performing Arts Park 舞台芸術公園

We are sitting on a warped red circle — Indoors. 2015. H240/W500/D900
Collaborationed works. poem / haiku / photography
Location : Kageyama Gallery

We are sitting on a warped red circle. 2017. H100/W180/D80
Photography collaboration : Hitomi Mochizuki 写真コラボレーション:望月 瞳
Location : Otake house on the Enshu Yokosuka old road. 静岡・遠州横須賀大竹邸

Constitution Memorial Day Exhibition. 憲法記念日展覧会. 2015.
Installation for 3 rooms and Japanese garden at Mishima Rakujyuen, Japan.
梅御殿3部屋と日本庭園へのインスタレーション 静岡三島楽寿園


Red Tokyo 東京を赤く透かして. 2016. H200/W200/D200
Location : Galerie de la maison Franco-Japonaise. 日仏会館