Works 1999-2015 before and after the big Japanese earthquake
For Japan, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011 and the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant were extremely serious incidents, which made me reconsider what kind of works to create.  "Breathes" and "Twin Wells of Lies and Truth" released in a solo exhibition in 2011 are the works of critique with anger contained in beauty, inspired by the Earthquake.
Before the Earthquake, there were a series of "Water environment" and the works by lights titled "Peace Calendar" which calmly represented the preservation of environment and peace.  However, after March 11, 2011, I have come to convey my message more clearly from Japan which, different from the Western countries, possess 54 nuclear power plants on volcanic zones.

2011/03/11の東日本大震災と原発の事故は、日本にとって非常に大きな出来事だったので、今後どのような作品を作るべきかを改めて考えさせられた。その年の11月の個展で発表した「Breathe」と「Twin Wells of Lies and Truth」とは震災を主題とした、美しさの中に怒りをこめた批判的作品。大震災以前は、環境や平和の保全を静かに表現した、「水の環境」シリーズや「平和暦」の光の作品群があったが、2011/03/11以降はより明快にメッセージを伝えたいと思った。欧米とは異なり火山帯の上に54基の原発を抱えた日本から。

You and I shitting on warped red circle  2014   400×500×1200cm.
Colaboration for photos on the benches : Hitomi Mochizuki.


"You and I sitting on Warped Red Circle" December, 2014  Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC)
Collaboration with Hitomi Mochizuki, photographer: Demonstrations held in front of National Diet Building against nuclear power plant by people holding white balloons symbolizing peace - these kind of issues are rarely published in Japanese newspapers. Sitting on a chair made of a bent red oval acrylic wide board and looking through it makes you look the reality turned into read. Many viewers sat on it and gazed at the two different realities; the one of trees in natural color and the other in red.

「歪んだ赤い丸の上に座っている私たち」2014/12 舞台芸術公園


Series of Warped Red Circle : 88×170×0.3cm.
Location : 三島楽寿園の和室・庭 Rakujuen, Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan.

2016, 100×178×125cm.


"Breathe"  December, 2011. Solo exhibition
"Red circle" is warped into oval by perspective. When I saw the picture, a series of "Warped Red Circle" was born.  Destruction of nature by our selfishness and destruction by development are leading human beings to extinction. I would like viewers to realize the human's present situation by looking through the color red and warped circle  which mean danger.

「Breathe」2011/12 個展

Breathe 2011    20×300×200cm.


"Breathe" December, 2011. Solo exhibition
The image of "Hinomaru flag (the rising-sun flag)" means not only Japan but nations in the world. It is alive, breathing like a creature. This system created by human beings must be carefully controlled.  Also, "Hinomaru (the rising-sun)" meaning the sun symbolizes the nature which all of us in the solar system should care.  What harms the nature is the dark side of modern culture represented by nuclear power.

「Breathe」2011/12 個展

-Indoors  2015  300×500×900cm.


You and I sitting on Warped Red Circle - Indoors" May, 2015 Kageyama Gallery
Collaboration with poets, haiku poets and photographers:  Look at literal works and photographs through a deformed red circle.

「歪んだ赤い丸の上に座っている私たちーIndoors」2015/05個展 カゲヤマGallery