Reflection & Shadow

Series of white triangular prism, 2015.




Short white triangle poles closely attached to walls create mysterious lights and shadows. Lies and Truths are mixed up in a minimal way.

"White space" October, 2015 Solo exhibition
Four triangle poles of three different kinds create gravity-free small space.
「White space」2015/10 個展

Alternating shining rectangles, 2011, 105×297×9cm.

Shining rectangle, 2011, Black silver leaf,  Japanese traditional paint, Wood.


"Shining rectangle" December, 2011 Solo exhibition and others
Silver leaf on top of the black rectangle reflects the light from ceiling and shines the wall surface like the grace of God.

2018, 7.5×27×24cm.

2018, 8.5×29×29cm.

2018, 26×365×7cm.


Inside / Outside, 2005, 15×5.5×15cm, Black silver leaf, Japanese traditional paint, wood.



Protruding black on black, 2009, 35×35×3cm
Black silver leaf, Japanese traditional paint, Japanese paper, Wood.


Front : Protruding black on white, 2006, 46×50×5cm.
Back  : Protruding white on white, 2006, 47×47×5cm.
Silver leaf, Japanese traditional paint, Japanese paper, Wood.



Series of revolution, Unit, 2014.
Front & Back : 15×15×4cm
Middle : 15×15cm


Diamond, 2004, 80×80×6cm.


Float, 2005, 22×9×11cm.