Japanese Traditional Culture

I am naturally rooted in the Japanese culture and history, and have been studying Japanese traditional art material which has the history of more than one thousand years. Using the material also in contemporary art works originates expressions and meanings nothing else can realize. I think it important for modern Japanese people to consciously focus on Japanese culture, to continuously investigate the core, and not to lose the diversities in global cultures and in speech.


Gold lightning 180×160×30cm

Silver lightning 50×160×30cm

"Space given by the Japanese folding screen" January, 2015 Solo exhibition
An experimental work on diversity created by bent slant lines. Viewers' various standing points give interesting changes in appearance on the folding screen. The work is associated with the composition study by Sotatsu and Korin in the Edo period.

「日本の屏風の空間性 」2015/01個展

Black and White, 1996, 95×45cm


Link  2009  130×180×30cm




Inspiration of the window in Katsura Imperial Villa one-circle 27×27cm

"Works of Circles inspired by the circular windows of Shoiken in Katsura Imperial Villa" January, 2015 Solo exhibition
Shoiken, an expansive tea ceremony room, has circular windows. The bamboo used as core material of the windows is barely shown, which I find interesting both as design and as cultural history. The lines by silver and black leaves in my work show the relation between circle and straight line.