Light & Water

Water environment 3,  2010,  500×400×1000cm.



Unit 80×80×80cm.

Overflow - Ⅱ, 2007.


2016, 210×600×50cm.



Water Map, 1996, 11×27×27cm.


Peace Calendar - Ⅰ, 2005, 260×360×65cm.

Original Tea Ceremony ; put tea leaves on 12 lights on water surface, purify the leaves by light, and make tea with water.  60 years after the World War II,  focusing on the base number 12 coming from an idea that  60 years is a rotation period.
"Contemporary Tea Ceremony Prize" Second prize awarded.  Jury : Kengo Kuma.

第二次世界大戦後60年の節目の年、還暦の思想の基準数12の光の水面に茶葉を置いて光で浄化し水出し煎茶をいただくオリジナルなTea Ceremony.    茶遊び大賞準グランプリ作品 審査員:隈研吾。

Rain, 1997, 65×60×530cm.

2016, Unit,  80×80×80cm.


Twin wells of lies and truth 2011   80×230×115 cm.

"Twin Wells of Lies and Truth" December, 2011. Solo exhibition
Both Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the Japanese government could not gather much information on collapse of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and concealed it.  Diffusion of radioactive contamination was not announced correctly to the Japanese people. "Concentric circles of Lies diffusion diagram" was released first and "True diffusion diagram of indefinite form"came later.  These two are respectively shining in the figures of well. Viewer's action to look into the well generates condensed world.
2011/12 個展

Black Box, 1998,  85cm×25×25cm.


Triangle, 1999, Unit, 28×80×500cm.


Fukyorai-an  group show Shizuoka Art Documentary, 2008,  80×500×80cm.

Fukyorai Hermitage Installation December, 2008 Group exhibition
The installation was held at Fukyorai Hermitage (registered cultural property of Japan). Fukyorai Hermitage is Jibutsudo, a hall where private Buddha statue is kept, which is owned by Watanabe family, a merchant since the Edo period in Shizuoka.
Silver leaf on the glass surface shows the shape coming from Kongokai Mandala (Diamond Realm Mandala), which is put into the well shaped frame. In the work, ever changing reality is reflected. Complication of time at present and that of Mandara.
「不去来庵」Installation 2008/12 グループ展 Those photos are in the next page.


Waterfall, 1996,  200×28×34cm.